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Aquamation Aftercare

Communal and Flame cremation available. Please call for information


*An extra transport fee may be added, depending on the distance.

What is the Alkaline Hydrolysis Process?


A respectful and dignified option, Alkaline Hydrolysis, also called Aquamation, is a gentle, environmentally friendly alternative to flame based cremation.


Your pet is gently placed in a cradle inside the AH unit. Water and a small amount of alkali are added which gently break down the tissues - which are rinsed away, leaving the bone "ash" behind. This process is similar to the natural decomposition process used in nature.


Slower than fire based cremation, it is also more gentle. Because of this, approximately 20% more ash remains to be given back to the owner. The ash is lighter in color because it is not discolored by carbon contaminants that are common with fire based cremation.


Alkaline hydrolysis, which produces no significant gaseous emissions, is a more responsible choice even compared to burial which produces methane gas. It has no greenhouse gas emissions, has 1/10th the carbon footprint of fire based cremation and uses a fraction of the energy used by flame based cremation. It is a more ecologically friendly, "green" process that is more gentle and cleaner than traditional cremation or burial.

Just as with traditional, flame-based cremation, you have the option of a private or communal alkaline hydrolysis. Private Aquamation means your pet is placed by himself or herself in his/her own cradle and you receive just your pet's ashes back. Communal Aquamation means your pet may be placed with other pets into the cradle and the ashes are scattered for you in a garden setting.

What do I do when my pet has passed away?

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