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Essential oils have been used for centuries for their healing properties in every culture. We use essential oils in our office everyday, and in our in-clinic appointments. We diffuse various combinations of oils to promote relaxation, tranquility, peace, and emotional balance.


We use DoTerra essential oils because of their pure therapeutic grade properties. We value their purity and their commitment to high standards.


Please keep in mind that all oils are not suitable for both cats and dogs, and should be used in smaller quantities, as the oils are strong and the animals are more sensitive than we are.


If you would like to learn more about essential oils, and how to use them, we welcome you to our classes! Click here to see class times.


For more information on DoTerra essential oils, or to place an order, please contact our Certified Essential Oil Coach:


Deb McFeely

619 - 885 - 2397


Click here to view the essential oils website.

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