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Dr. Jackie Balma D.V.M

Dr. Balma Has been apart of our team since November 2016.


She was a linguist in the US Navy for 5 years before following her life-long dream of working with animals.  She graduated from Ohio State University in 2006 and served 3 years in the US Army as a veterinarian. During that time, she volunteered with Remote Area Veterinary Services through the Humane Society and was responsible for the veterinary care of over 200 military working dogs in the DC area.  Following her military service,  she worked in an integrative practice and local shelter  in VA for 4 years where she discovered her true passion in veterinary medicine-Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture.


Dr. Balma felt the calling to work in end-of-life care after losing 3 of her senior cats and her dog in the past couple years.  Her doberman, Jake,  died after a year-long struggle with heart disease.   The loss she experienced was very profound and she had difficulty opening her home to another dog after losing him.  A few months after starting to work in the field of hospice/home euthanasia, Dr Balma realized how much having a dog meant to her and adopted her new dogs, Jo-Jo and Lucy.  Helping others say goodbye and hearing their amazing stories about their pets has been a healing experience for her and a reminder of the unconditional love that a pet brings to your life.

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